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Stay Safe and Healthy During the Crisis

with "Rapid Remote Rescue"

  • Ensure an Efficient and Stable System

  • Work from Home

  • Communicate with Friends and Family

  • Stay Informed

One Low Price - No Hourly or Additional Fees

PC & MAC Support


Rapid Remote Rescue

Dear Valued Customers,


I hope things are well and that you are taking care during this health crisis.


As we learn how to care for our lives in new ways, now more than ever, it’s important to keep your computer in shape. They are essential lifelines for information and communication. Working from home certainly requires a stable and efficient system. Hopefully, I can help.



My Rapid Remote Rescue Service can solve many issues by enabling me to log on to your computer off-site. As a TRUSTED provider, I can perform a full tune-up to insure a stable system, optimize internet speed, remove viruses, install software and even set up printers. I can assist with email problems, teach and attend to any specific requests you may have.



It is dangerous to do so and can lead to issues including compromised personal information and passwords and financial theft.



A Rapid Remote Rescue session is a flat fee of only $89 for whatever services are needed. That’s a savings of $61 from an onsite visit. As always, I do not charge an hourly fee. I accept Paypal, Venmo, Credit Cards or you can simply drop a check in the mail.



If we determine that the issues do require in-person attention, there will be no charge incurred.



No need to wait with extended same day hours.


Below are links for downloading an application to allow one-time remote service with simple instructions. Upon completion of our session, the provided password will expire immediately, rendering your computer safe and secure following our session.






I would be pleased assist remotely as we keep ourselves in good health.

Thank you!

Personalized Service

My name is Glenn Laredo and I have been providing Premium Computer Support since 1998.


With over 35 years of computer experience, I am proud to say that I have earned a reputation for unparalleled knowledge along with courteous, reliable and honest service.

I do not charge by the hour. My priority is providing exceptional service and tenaciously solving problems, no matter how long it takes. I will never sell you services, you do not need.

Seniors are my valued customers. I understand your needs and am always pleased to teach and set up your system for ease of use.



It's no secret that Windows needs some TLC every now and again. Sometimes the system is simply slow. Other times it just won't boot. The possibilities for troubles are unfortunately endless. I've been working with systems for many years and know how to get you back on track. Or maybe Windows 10 has you frustrated and confused. I'm here to help.


Data Recovery

Has your hard drive crashed? Have you accidentally deleted your pictures? Reclaim lost files!

  • PC

  • MAC

  • iPhone & iPad

  • Solid State Drive

  • Android

  • Flash Drive

  • Memory Card

Don't Panic!

Let's get your data back!

Reliable Professional Computer Support

Think Before You Geek

My fees are considerably less than any large "Geek" company who will generally send any staff member to your home who happens to be on hand.


Trust an experienced reliable technician who will personally know you and your system and will always follow through with your needs. Don't trust your system to revolving techs.

Don't Be Afraid of Your Computer!

I enjoy teaching and opening new vistas for seniors or anyone embarking on a new technological journey.


I will always explain service procedures as we work together to restore your computer and customize your system for your personal needs are desires.

I am available for service calls whenever you need assistance... eight days a week and always happy to answer questions by phone.

I guarantee my work and will always follow up with another visit should the need arise.


OS X / iOS

MACs are different and beautiful animals. The system rarely has issues because Apple writes solid software for its own high quality machines. The Apple eco system integrates iPhones and iPads but it can be confusing. I can explain and set up iCloud, Photos and Time Machine Backups so you get the most from an amazing system.

Oh Boy!

Hacked? Virus?

I see it almost every day. Full screen flashing "Warnings". Consumers are being tricked into letting unscrupulous people from other countries log onto their computers to "fix" problems. They take control of the system, lock them out and then ask for enormous sums of money to let them back in. 

Turn Off Your Computer and Call Me. I Can Help.

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Computer Repair

Oceanside Computer Repair

Poway Computer Repair

Rancho Santa Fe Computer Repair

San Diego Computer Repair

San Marcos Computer Repair

Santee Computer Repair

Scripps Ranch Computer Repair

SD Computer Repair

Carlsbad Computer Service

Chula Vista Computer Service

Del Mar Computer Service

El Cajon Computer Service

Encinitas Computer Service

Escondido Computer Service

LA Jolla Computer Service

La Mesa Computer Service

Mira Mesa Computer Service

Miramar Computer Service

Oceanside Computer Service

Poway Computer Service

Rancho Santa Fe Computer Service

San Diego Computer Service

San Marcos Computer Service

Santee Computer Service

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SD Computer Service

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Alexa, Call Laredo.....

Smart Home

Is your home smarter than a fifth grader?  Would you like it to be? This is going to be big. Turn up your thermostat and start your oven from your office before you leave to go home. See who is at your front door when you're not. Those folks with limited mobility will have much greater control of their living environment. It's a verbal search engine and media player. Hop on the bus and have some fun.

Preserve Your Memories

Media Services

  • Digitize and Edit Video From Tape

  • Digitize and Restore Audio from Tape

  • Digitize and Restore Audio from Vinyl Records

  • Photo and Slide Scan and Retouching

  • High Quality Customized Musical Slide Shows

  • Professional Graphics

  • Interactive Educational Production Services


Would you like additional information about my services?  Reach out, I would be happy to hear from you.


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San Diego, CA, USA